How to choose a power inductor, pay attention to these problems

For power inductors, I believe that many friends do not understand, but in the actual production environment, we need to select and use power inductors based on actual needs, so what problems should we pay attention to in the selection process? In fact, this involves a lot of In order to help you solve these problems, it is recommended that you choose from the following aspects. If you are worrying about the selection of power inductors at the moment, you might as well follow the editor to see the specific selection of power inductors. method.



1: Selection according to the actual situation

Generally, when we use power inductors, there will be a specific working environment or the corresponding requirements for the size of the power inductor and the pad. According to the actual situation, we can find a power inductor with a suitable size to help our actual needs. Of course, in addition to the In addition to the size and pad issues, the specific external environmental influences must also be taken into account, so that the power inductor can obtain a working state. In addition, we can also refer to the actual use of power inductors, such as DC-DC loops or CPU circuits, which have corresponding power inductors.



Two: choose according to the specific environment

The corresponding conditions of the power inductance given by different devices or devices are different. For example, in some cases, the magnitude of the current in the loop is determined, and the selection can be made according to this condition. Or in some cases, the design of the circuit will have corresponding requirements for the power inductor, then we can judge the rated current and the corresponding speed of the inductor based on the specific situation, and then select the appropriate power inductor.

The above are the relevant suggestions on the selection of power inductors. You can choose and adopt them according to the actual situation. I hope it can bring some help and inspiration to everyone.